“Chop down the biggest trees or zombies faster than Paul Bunyan with this great chainsaw that uses gasoline for fuel.”



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Chainsaw can be repaired with Repair Kit.

Crafting Chainsaw

Crafting Chainsaw requires reading Chainsaw Schematic.


If you're wondering where to find Chainsaw, this is all of the containers and locations where it's possible for Chainsaw to spawn.



  • RepairExpMultiplier set to 10.8
  • Skill for crafting changed from Science to Gun Smithing


  • UseMeleeCrosshair set to true


  • Magazine item ray counts set to 1
  • Rot was removed
  • Rays spread was removed
  • Range was removed
  • Pos was removed
  • Entity damage was removed
  • Block damage was removed
  • Buff chance was removed
  • Max stack was removed
  • Weight was removed
  • Zoom was removed
  • Experience per use set to 1
  • Magazine item ray spreads set to 0
  • Skill for using changed from Blade Weapons to Mining Tools
  • Barrel changed from chainsawBlade to Chainsaw Blade
  • Skill for crafting changed from Tool Smithing to Science
  • Bonus head damage changed from 4 to 5
  • Stock changed from chainsawParts to Chainsaw Parts
  • Buff was removed
  • Rays per shot was removed
  • Pump changed from handlebars to Handlebars


  • Weight changed from 160 to 410


  • Stock changed from augerParts to chainsawParts


  • Block damage was removed
  • Max durability was removed
  • Degradation rate was removed
  • Entity damage was removed
  • Skill for using set to Blade Weapons
  • Barrel set to chainsawBlade
  • Skill for crafting set to Tool Smithing
  • Pump set to handlebars
  • Receiver set to Small Engine
  • Single magazine usage changed from true to false
  • Rays per shot changed from 3 to 1
  • Particles muzzle smoke changed from nozzlesmokeuzi to nozzlesmoke_chainsaw
  • Block damage changed from 0.2 to 3
  • Speed changed from 0.1 to 0.2
  • SupportHarvesting set to true
  • Stock set to augerParts


  • Block damage set to .01 - .2
  • Max durability set to 100 - 600
  • Degradation rate set to 1 - 1
  • Entity damage set to 4 - 20
  • Ammunition set to Gas Can
  • Repaired with set to Repair Kit
  • Ammunition was removed


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